Jagruti Women's Group

Activities are held on Tuesdays from 1pm to 4pm during School term time only. For further information please call us on 020 3719 1804.


  • Prayers, Meditation, Yoga for elderly, snack club where Indian snacks like samosas, kachori, dhokla, idli, bhajia, upma, dhokli, pettis, batetawada,crispy bhajia, dhepla etc. are served with tea and coffee or cold drinks.
  • We invite guest speakers on useful subjects such as health issues e.g diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, cervical cancer, bowl cancer, demanthia talk on first aid etc.
  • Art and Craft- knitting, chrocheting and handicraft.  Debates on different subjects.
  • Sports days where games suitable for elderly are played in the hall such as musical chairs, memory game, pass the parcel, blind fold, basketball, skittles etc.
  • Bingo, singing – wedding songs, film songs bhajans.
  • Food competition – where various Indian sweet and savoury dishes are displayed which are prepared by the members and we invite judges to select the best dish and award price to the person whose dishes are best.
  • Singing competition – Again an independent judge is called and price is awarded to the best song.
  • Aarti competition – Ladies are asked to decorate aarti thali (Plate) with colourful designs and patterns. In this competition ladies are judged for their talents and independent judge is invited to judge their talent and award prices.
  • Daytrips – to seaside and various historical places in summer and in winter temples.  Diwali shopping to Leicester every year.  Holiday for one week during summer.

We celebrate functions like Spring Festival where the Mayor and Councillors are invited. Navratri during which ladies dress up and dance.  Diwali where a programme is arranged by the committee to entertain the members and there is always dinner. Christmas Party. Picnic on the last day of centre before we break up for summer holiday.


We currently deliver all our services from: -  Winterbourne Youth Centre, Winterbourne Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 7QT.


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